Dart Warz Established 2011   Registered Trademark 2013 *2019 Licensing Opportunities available

Are you ready to invest your future in a HIGH-impact business?  

Join our Team! Send us your info. 

Dart Warz is Seeking a team of driven individuals who have a heart to serve the community with safe, affordable and competitive fun! 

If this is you, we can't wait for you to get in on the excitement with us. 

The brand that started the Arenas,  the brand that has fallen and is back for the "Come-Back".

Dart Warz has restructured its growth plan to be in every city and state.

Join the Team! Learn from the Team that HAD to go through the hoops to get here. 

  • Dart Warz Team Consulting- 4 weekends a year

  • Additional consulting services available at $250/day plus travel cost

  • Prior to open, Dart Warz Brand/Industry will provide industry leading tips on Game Operations/Marketing Opportunities

  • Fees waived for the National Dart Warz Association Affiliate Program, scheduled for release in  Winter 2019 

  • Link on Licensor’s webpage to Licensee’s webpage

    • Free access to digital marketable material

    • Shareable Dart Warz files ​

  • Discounted software fees, wholesale vendor list and merchant processing

  • Annual collaboration conferences with Dart Warz owners sharing some experience, Guest Speakers in the industry. (Once 3 Licensee-Owned Arenas are operating)

royalty fee....................2-3%

total investment.....$100-250K