What is required to play at Dart Warz?

A signed waiver- each player must fill out a liability waiver before participating. Children under 16 must have waiver signed by parent or legal guardian. 2. Socks-each player must wear socks in order to participate. We recommend tube socks or “soccer socks.”

How old do you have to be?

During normal hours, the minimum age is 5 years old to participate. During GLOW (Blacklight games), the minimum age is 8 years old to participate. During xTreme night (wed), the minimum age is 13 years old to participate.

How long do you play for?

At Dart Warz, each customer will play by the hour. 1-2 hours is typical of most players.

Do you only start games on the hour?

We start new rounds every 5 minutes. The referees will keep track of player’s times according to when they checked in.

Can I bring my own blaster?

Yes, you can bring your own blaster, but please leave the ammo at home. Dart Warz will provide all players with ammo for the duration of their stay. If you do not own your own blaster, Dart Warz includes a basic blaster with each hour of game play. You can also rent larger/modified blasters for an additional cost

Do you have to have a group to play?

Walk-on hours are open to groups or individual play.

Do you have to have a reservation for a group?


No, reservations are not required, however if your group is larger than 10 people, we recommend you call ahead

What is the max number of people at a time?

140 is the max number of players per hour.

Can you bring outside food or drink?

No outside food is allowed. Snacks and drinks are available in our facility. (Note: Note: In the case of a packaged birthday party booked with Dart Warz, we allow cake/ice cream to be brought in. We also have an exception for those with food allergies.)

Do you have birthday parties?

Yes, we host birthday parties. For more information, look under the “gameplay” tab

Can I schedule a GLOW party?

Yes, during GLOW hours or booked as a private party.

Can I use foam sword/shield/grenades?

Yes, during our xTreme nights, leagues, and private parties (ages 13+).

Can I drop my kids off at Dart Warz?

Yes. please make sure all children are checked in with signed waivers before leaving.

Can my organization do a fundraiser with Dart Warz?

Yes, contact the manager at your local store for more information. Sell tickets in a 5-day run online. ($2 of each ticket goes back to your school or organization!).

Does Dart Warz sell blasters?

Yes, we have a wide selections of blasters available for purchase, plus our staff can offer advice or suggestions to help you choose the right blaster.

Can Dart Warz modify or paint my blaster?

Dart Warz is proud to offer a full pro shop right in the store. We can upgrade basic blasters to improve range and accuracy, as well as fire rate (depending on the model). We also offer custom paint mods for any blaster.

What ammo does Dart Warz use?

Rival, Nerf darts, Nerf Vortex discs, Mega darts during open play. No Rival and Mega darts/HIR’s at GLOW.