Dart Warz is the premier indoor foam dart battlefield. We’re proud to offer the coolest alternative to paintballl or airsoft for the whole family.

Dart Warz is a competitive team sport for the whole family. Being the brain child of the man now known by players as the “Nerf Ninja,” Dart Warz started out as a family game night in our founder’s own living room! Over the years Dart Warz has evolved and is on its way to becoming a leading, nationwide family fun center. We are currently in Idaho, Colorado, and Kansas, with locations soon to come in Texas and Utah, and eventually across the country! We offer the fun and intensity of paintball rolled into foam darts. Our mission is simple and at the heart of what we do: To promote honesty, teamwork and sportsmanship. We emphasize organized game play, with referees who are highly trained and passionate. Our motto? Play by the rules or don’t play at all. We don’t run around in circles pointing fingers—you get hit, you’re out! It’s this level of intensity and accountability which makes Dart Warz the high-adrenaline and character-building sport it is.

Dart Warz is tailored to be fun for all age groups 5 and older. We specialize in birthday parties, team-building and employee parties. Bring in your team for a party or book a fundraiser for your organization. Dart Warz gives back up to 30% to your group/team/organization! Ages 8 and up can come out for Glow Nights which feature game play with black lights and glow discs! Extreme Nights offer foam sword fights, foam grenades, and blowguns, and are held weekly on Wednesdays for ages 13 and older. Dart Warz also has Elite and Extreme Leagues that practice once a week with grenades, swords, blowguns, body armor and shields, and tournament for prizes monthly. No matter who you are or how you play, you will break a sweat and have fun!

Check out our FAQ Page for the most common questions! And remember—ALL PLAYERS MUST WEAR SOCKS TO PLAY!