Dart Warz Established 2011   Registered Trademark 2013 *2019 Licensing Opportunities available


Dart Warz hosts the BEST fun in Colorado! Either use one of our blasters or bring your Hasbro branded NERF blasters in to play by the hour in 2-5 minute battles . We have TWO arenas that facilitate 70 players an arena, so no group size is TOO big. We organize the hourly chaos of 35 on 35 players battling it out, all while trying to complete the mission. Some missions include "Capture the Flag", "VIP", "Mission Impossible", and "King of the Hill". Foam dart blasters are not recommended for ages 8 and under, so we offer services for ages 5+.

We have a couple options for your foam blaster choice:

1-Bring your one of your own from home. We do have a "Restricted Blasters" List that has multiple blasters that come out of the box in a condition that they "EAT" the foam darts so we do not allow. We hope to see you enjoying the hour of play you came for and not your hour in the Briefing Room fixing blaster jams. 

2-Use one of our single-shooter blasters that is included with General Admission such as the Nerf Sidestrike, Nerf DoubleStrike, Nerf Firestrike, Nerf Big Shock or Nerf Jolt. 

3-Upgrade your blaster to one of our blasters.


Our blaster options are all modified by our PRO SHOP technicians. Make sure to wear socks, since we play on foam padding. Eyewear is REQUIRED at all times in the arena, bring your own or use the included safety glasses for wear. 

At Dart Warz, you do not organize the fun, we do! That means you JOIN the EXPERIENCE! Dart Warz organizes the masses into these 2-5 minute battles enforcing our "One Hit, You are out" rule! We play to loud music and referees that will commentate the entire battle. We promote positive character building within our facility keeping all players accountable to Dart Warz mission. 

In our PRO SHOP, you can buy stock foam dart blasters or customize your blaster with modifications. Accessorize your favorite blaster with stocks, sights, grips, etc. You also can modify your blasters for accuracy and speed with new motors, springs, batteries and much more...

Our birthday parties are the local's favorite, due to the fact that we ALL play...grandmas, grandpas, uncles, aunts, and little "Johnny". No reason to clean up all the mess at the house, when you can be at Dart Warz! 


Dart Warz started a BRAND NEW INDUSTRY (Foam Dart Arenas) in 2011, when we opened the VERY first indoor Nerf/Foam Dart arena in America. We are currently in the process of our growth plan of licensing.  We plan to license our brand, Dart Warz, to see families across the nation experience the BEST FAMILY FUN....and help families own and operate these facilities on their own. What we have learned is that Foam Dart Arenas will open and be a huge hit as the "Concept" but if it does not bleed the "Culture" of Dart Warz, if the marketing is not executed and the owner is not a local owner...the location will close within 2 years as we have seen in the industry in the last five years. We are excited to share our "Trade Secrets" and Brand with other Foam Dart Arena operators/owners that see the purpose behind the "Culture" of Dart Warz.

We hope to see Dart Warz Family Fun in all small and big cities across the country by 2020.